Thursday, May 5, 2016

Where did some of the past posts go?

Rich Synowiec now has his own blogspot ( separating his personal musings from the dive centered ones.  Both are entertaining to people who follow him but it seems that he sometimes has a lot more to write about than just scuba diving.   This blog is about diving where Rich's other blog is primarily for his own benefit (as he puts it) since, from time to time, he wishes to have a conversation with my future self and allows you to eavesdrop.   The missing posts were moved to his new blog since it is more about family and personal stuff.  Rich is still going to author most of the blogs on this page as well as the blogs on the other pages but the separation was something that just recently suggested.   The reason for the separation, in case you are curious, is that Rich recently attended the PADI Business Academy and there there was the suggested benefit of incorporating a blog into the company web pages. Both blogs will soon appear attached to the company pages (make sure you subscribe) and will link up there.

Thanks for reading, its great to have you along for out diving and thank you for the support.