Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Caught up...

I cannot believe that it has been a couple of months since I have written anything here.

I was amazed when I realized it, and sorry. I have done a bunch of things since November and I cannot believe that I didn't find the time to write about it all. So this is my attempt at getting caught up.

First things first, Jill and I as you know volunteer at the Newport Aquarium. Well in the past two months we have gotten two different dive levels under our belt and have had an opportunity to not only dive in the Amazon tank, but have dived in the Coral Reef tank as well. The Amazon tank is amazing. There are a bunch of different animals there including freshwater stingrays, Pacus and some fish that you may be used to seeing at the aquarium stores. They are always hungry and a total riot to feed. We have been there twice since my last blog and going back in February. Not sure what we are going to do then but it will be awesome.

I have also had an opportunity to river dive a couple of times. The Artic weather has made it a bit of a challenge but the water has been clear and and the added visibility makes finding stuff a little easier. The last dive had us diving in a fog on the surface with HUGE Ice bergs that made it look like we were indeed diving above the artic circle.

If you didnt know from talking with me, I got a new camera for christmas. My old camera is still awesome and I will probably continue using it for some things but my new camera is amazing. I will have to post separately for that since there are a bunch of pictures that I took on the new years day dive and on an ice dive the following weekend. So far I have seven dives in for 2010... more to come for sure. I will do my best to keep from falling behind in my blogs.