Monday, September 28, 2015

Valhalla Atlas Decommissioned Nuclear Missile Silo Diving

"This is a dive where you have to know someone who is going and is willing to let you go with them" The idea to dive a Nuclear missile silo came to us with a little help from friends. It seems you have to lease the entire property for a weekend in order to dive. It was well worth the effort and the 20 hour drive through five states hauling dive gear and a compressor to take care of everyone.

This silo was built in 1964 as a counter offensive during the cold war. Its sole purpose was to survive a near miss from a nuclear bomb and then fire its own missile at a designated target. By the time it was completed most of the technology was already obsolete and it was decommisioned in 1968. Many of the artifacts were removed but a lot of the wreckage ended up at the bottom of the Missile silo under 100ft of water. Over the years the silo has had some restoration and it is a pretty awesome place to dive. One of the most unique places for sure.

Most of us did 6 dives over two days. It was, for the most part a deep Night dive for each of the dives. And if you are interested in Joining us for our next trip we will be going in the Fall of 2018 for the 50th Anniversary of its Decommissioning.