Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Couple of Hours at the Newport Aquarium

While we were at Scuba Fest this past spring, my wife Jill got to talking to the WAVE Foundation people about becoming a volunteer Diver at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. Being that it was almost a four hour drive I wasnt sure what she was thinking. It seems that as a volunteer your minimum commitment is one eight hour day per Month.... now thats doable. You get to feed fish, dive in and clean tanks, interract with people through the glass and become part of the displays.

Today was my initial interview. It was my first time back to the aquarium in almost 10 years. It had seriously changed... transforming from a simple aquarium with a parking lot to a tourist mall with a bunch of attractions. I was early for my interview so I grabbed my camera and bought an admission ticket to check out the changes.

The new attractions were awesome and made me want to be part of it more. There were petting tanks for sharks, a fantastic amphibian "Frog Bog" and some awesome reef systems. The huge shark tank was still there and active, and the Bayou. As always I was fascinated by the Rivers (and the thought of diving in the Amazon Exhibit) and their new Jellyfish exhibit was amazing with many different species including the upsidedown jellyfish I saw on Bonaire in the Mangrove swamps.

The interview went well (I think.) I was qualified and could move on to the next step. A buoyancy and skills evaluation at a future date. I am sure I will post more then.

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