Saturday, July 16, 2016

Back from Munising Michigan

Last weekend we took at trip to Munising Michigan.  This has been an annual trip for Divers Incorporated for the past 10 years and each year is as amazing as the previous ones.  For our tenth anniversary we took a special trip to the Kiowa.  This cool ship is about an hour and 45 minutes out of Munising into Lake Superior.   We were planning on doing the Kiowa on Saturday but the weather took a rough turn and we had to switch days.

Saturday's dives became the Smith Moore (75') and the Bermuda (25') and they were fantastic.  The visibility on the Smith Moore was one of the best days I have seen and the water was in the mid 50's which is usually unheard of.

On Sunday Lake Superior was nearly glass as we traveled out for our first dive on the Selvick (60ft) and then out past the Pictured Rocks National Lake shore to see the Kiowa (30')  The Kiowa was an amazing wreck.

Along with the great group of people diving with us,  the dives on the shallower wrecks were accompanied by Natalie and Olivia doing their first Real Dives in Lake Superior outside of the protection of Munising Harbor.

We do this trip with Divers Incorporated each year on the second weekend in July.  We hope you can join us on it sometime soon!

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