Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keeping it going...

So I haven't decided if this is going to be a daily thing, weekly thing, random thing or something else. I am pretty sure it is going to evolve but for the most part I think it will become an "exceptional day" thing. My life is pretty interesting since that it is usually periods of intense exitement with periods of boredom and sometimes anxiety mixed in. So lets see where it goes.

If you want to subscribe directly to this blog it is going to be part of the Divers Incorporated website as soon as I can figure out how that works. I am also not too sure of the way it appears on Facebook. The actual blogspace is cool, with colors and the ability to put pictures in. ( I am going to put a picture at the end of this blog to see how it looks... if it is less than spectacular I will leave it up for a few days and then delete the picture and put a note about it. Not sure if it will show on Facebook. I am also going to look and see how to make this feed to your page. I know you can do it, I just don't know how.... evolution will figure it out.

Today was an Exceptional Day. Thank you if you were part of it. It started with a training session with the Wayne County Airport Authority Dive Team at the Big Pool at Eastern Michigan University. Thing is I was the instructor. It is a position that was created for me by the people on the team and their chief. We have been working together on and off for four years on the idea and this year it is something we made happen. The group of people I got to teach today are some of the most professional people I have ever had the privilege of diving with. I really enjoyed the day.

To make the day better, we had a busy day at the dive center with people who are interested in learning to dive, divers getting their equipment ready for summer, and snorkelers heading out for spring break! In the evening, I taught a refresher course to two people who have been supporters of my dive center for many years. Getting back into diving after some time off and ready for the trip they have planned next week. Days like today make me really happy with my chosen career. It helps alot when you are SO ready for spring like I am.

Remember to check out if you are looking at this on Facebook and see what my intention was for the page. Thanks for Reading.

Coming soon to a Lake or Quarry near you....

Photo Courtesy of David Haas

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