Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meeting Jerold White

Today an awesome gentleman, eighty years young came into Divers Incorporated with a fabulous set of pictures and stories. His name is Jerold White. It seems that Jerold used to own Whites Skindiving Supply in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the 1950's. His stories were captivating. Jerold was an early underwater filmaker having build a housing for his 16mm camera out of harware store plastic. He had also an opportunity to dive on some very historic shipwrecks and some very cool stuff. He told Rob and I all about the days of discovery in the late 1950's when you had to use a grappling hook a couple feet above the bottom to find your wrecks. The name of his dive club was the Ann Arbor Amphibians and they used to do trips with the Ford Seahorses. (if there are any Ann Arbor Amphibians that you know please have them contact me.) I am hoping that Jerold would aggree to come and speak at one of our PADI Diving Society Meetings. We are going to talk more about it this week. He is going to search for some of his old films and if he finds them I am sure we are in for a treat. His still pictures were fabulous.

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