Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Anxious for Summer to Get here

The weather for the past few days has been spectacular. I swear that on Monday I almost wished that I was wearing shorts. With the spectacular weather and the great temperatures it is no wonder the past three days have been a little slower than normal. If I had the time I would have been cleaning out my garage, getting ready for my next dive, sleeping on a lawn chair in the sun... or spending time with my family. If I am this stir crazy the rest of the world should be too.

Spring time is almost here... just a couple of days until the official start. It is time to get ready. I pulled a lot of my own personal dive gear out today.. mostly to be able to talk about it in classes and upcoming presentations at Scubafest. I am ready for diving.

Diving is looking more and more spectacular for the summer... and I know there are more people out there just as ready as I am. This summer we have a lot of trips that are sold out so we will have big gangs as we head out on our adventures. I know that I am just waiting, hoping and praying for good weather and a lot of people who want to get out and dive. Looking forward to the opening day at White Star Quarry April 1, Scubafest this weekend, diving in the Cooper River in three weeks and the amazing diving in a month at the Bonne Terre Mine. I hope more people start coming in to the Dive Center soon to learn how to dive. I really want to show people how cool it all is.

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