Sunday, March 29, 2009

This Weekend was a Good Weekend

This weekend was a good weekend. It started out with a fun Friday working at the Dive Center and it was a good day. The excitement of the Quarry Opening for the summer combined with the warm sunshine made for a fun start to the day. The rest of the day was busy, and we had a couple of Guests at Divers Incorporated. Natalie and Olivia Spent a couple of hours in the store while Mommy made a side trip that they couldn't join her on.

Saturday was IMAX at the Henry Ford in Dearborn. Had a great turnout and we Really enjoyed the movie. Under the Sea 3D was a cool experience that was so awesome you thought you needed to log it in your logbook after it was over. Lunch at Chelis Chili in Dearborn was a fantastic finish to the event.

Afterwards I got a text from Jill that she needed me to come get the twins from the Bridal shower... then it tured into getting all the cousins from the shower.... DADDY DAYCARE was what the afternoon turned into. What fun!

After I was able to get Natalie and Olivia to myself, we had ice cream for dinner, their real dinner for desert and a fun time playing until thier bedtime.

The Public Safety Diver Day at the Quarry was a good day... the morning started out warmer than usual, a promising start to the day. When the teams showed up we gave them the opportunity to participate in a scenario... one team wanted to the scenario and the rest their own thing. The day was a good time. The DI guys put out a bunch of the buoys and we enjoyed the associated dives. The highlight was when Bronson and I went for a Sail. One of the rafts had broken free of its moorings when the ice melted off the quarry and ended up on the other side by the beach. With a prevailing westerly wind that was gusting pretty strong at times I thought we could do it. Except for the wind being a little lighter than expected on the other side... a little patience and shaping the "sail" we got a pretty good speed on the platform. Mission accomplished and it was fun too.

I am REALLY looking forward to the quarry opening on Wednesday... more then!

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