Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scubafest 2009

This weekend was Scubafest 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. A show of sorts with lots of scuba workshops, scuba and travel displays and lots of fun. This weekend I had an opportunity to reconnect with a whole lot of friends from diving. John Chatterton was one of them, Bernie Chowdry another. I had a great time meeting people in person who I had met online. That was really cool. On Friday I was able to have dinner with John Chatterton, and 8 of my facebook friends and dive buddies. Saturday I also had dinner with great people... lots of old friends and new.

The diving community is awesome. There seemed to be little time past in the commununications between dive buddies. It is like the long winter has dissapated away and the last time we talked we were diving together. I REALLY Enjoyed the weekend. I was also super surprised by the amount of divers who had NEVER Dived at White Star Quarry. It made this years Scubafest a fabulous opportunity to promote White Star and at the same time meet new people to dive with.

I have really enjoyed this weekend and I look forward to Scubafest 2010. It will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Columbus, Ohio on March 19 -21, 2010. Hope you can make it.

Diving in a little over a week at the Quarry... Hope you can make the April 1 Opening Day!

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