Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bonaire 2009

I am a little late in getting this post out... I really wanted to do a play by play by dive by day but the internet connection at the resort was so painstakingly slow.... lets just say I could have smoke signaled it faster. In any case, better late than never so here goes.

This trip to Bonaire took me and 16 others to a fantastic resort known as Buddy Dive. Augusto, Carlos, German and the rest of the dive gang there really took care of us and made us feel welcome. The diving was fantastic, as always, and every dive was more memorable than the last. Like I typed above, I really would have loved to do a dive report on each dive but I recently misplaced my log book (it is being mailed Back to me) and now I am limited to my memory where every dive is just as cool as another and the memory of the week is pretty much a memory of just one long super cool dive.

Some things to note for the past traveler to Bonaire. The last hurricane did its damage and it is apparant on many of the reefs. It seems to be rebounding well though.. the outer edges of Klein showed it the most. And the town pier and the salt pier were sandblasted clean.. .like new concrete, there is nothing there worth seeing and the damaged parts of the pier make diving a little more hazardous than Augusto would like us to be. So no diving there for a while.

We did dive the rubble pile at the north end of Windsock on a night dive and saw a bunch of octopi.... that was cool and there was a dive on a house reef where we saw a yellow frogfish... dived it off of a boat... and the seahorses and frogfish and tarpon always make for a fantastic diving experience.

If you are interested we are going back the first week of MAY in 2010. I am really looking forward to going back. I love it there.

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